How I Began to Drift

Despite buying the Sims 4 (including all expansion, stuff, and game packs) when it was released, I just couldn’t get into it.  Until I stumbled upon “The Drifter Challenge”.  Before I knew it, I abandoned my Sims 3 and found myself addicted to my Drifters.  But my new experiences didn’t end there, I ended my years of silently lurking on the forums and became a part of the Drifter community posting random updates whenever anything struck me as funny or worth noting.  By the third House (generation) those random posts turned into fleshed out stories, which in turn led me to create this blog.  I had never written anything creative before beginning this wild journey, simply because I never knew what to write about.  Now I find myself anxiously waiting to see what new turn each generation will take.

It’s been a fun, wild ride and a great learning experience.  I hope you enjoy my efforts and become as attached to my little Drifters as I have.  If you’re looking for a new challenge to try, I highly recommend The Drifter Challenge by Vihisha.

Have Fun & Happy Drifting!
~Allie Mac

The Drifter Challenge Rules on TheSims.Com Forums

Note:  I chose this layout because of its easy navigation.  If you scroll completely down to the bottom of an entry, there will be “Next” and “Previous” buttons allowing an easy hop over to the other pages.  The archive list is hidden behind the three dots in the upper right corner.


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